About me

Short about myself...

My name is Thomas Rind and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark where I was born in 1981.
I "discovered" 3D during my early studies back in 1997 and became familiar with 3D Studio MAX 2.5. I simply loved this program and read various tutorials to gain more knowledge, it was fun but hard work as well.

One important factor I've learned is to be your own worst critic in order to develop and improve yourself, there is always new stuff to learn and you should never be afraid to try out new methods and techniques.
I cant help stop watching my environment, when I am waiting at the bus stop or study the skin texture and facial features of the old man in front of me in the queue at the supermarket. But I guess its the same syndrome as most people working with various arts suffers from.

Said super short, I love 3D.

Email: xdisher@gmail.com